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A little about me

Posted by Susan Stewart on April 8, 2017 at 7:00 PM
*This blog post is written because of a Facebook incident on my personal account and meant for reposting there* Due to one of my posts yesterday quite a few people asked me what it is exactly that I do. I don't talk about my main career much because I work in the birth Industry and this page isn't necessarily the right place to talk about it. I have a separate profile for that. Because of what happened though I'd like to take a little moment to explain what it is I do other than socializing, taking selfie's, pictures of my kids for Facebook. I work from home so I have downtime and I get bored and lonely so I post here.  I do a type of traditional Chinese medicine called Placenta Encapsulation. This is a process that is thousands of years old. The reason women hire me to turn their placenta into a postpartum supplement is because it has a significantly high success rate in preventing postpartum depression. Postpartum depression like PTSD, affects thousands, 80% of new mothers actually, and has significant impact on both mother and child. Postpartum is a period of time that is absolutely critical for both mother and child. The impact that period of time has is monumental and sets the stage for the rest of the child's life.  As someone who experienced PPD with my first I can attest first hand that even 9 years later I still feel the effects of it. It's still agonizing. Why? Having had a second child (and successfully avoiding PPD with the help of placenta medicine) I see how much better it could have been. I bonded so beautifully with my second even though, by all rights I should have had it again. As someone prone to depression and having some difficult things to deal with at that time, I was a very high risk mother for getting it. My midwives and doctor had a plan in place for "just in case". I didn't get the same wonderful bonding experience with my first that I had with my second. Any parent will testify that "parental guilt" is a very real thing. I feel like my oldest and I were ripped off. I work at our bond in other ways as the years pass, but it's not the same as it is with my second. It just isn't. It's painful to know we aren't bonded as well as we should have been. I lament that often and I see little things about him that area a result of it. When I first heard about placenta encapsulation I was absolutely shocked to hear it helped prevent PPD. And I was angry! Angry because I had a placenta come with my baby, and no one ever told me ahead of time that I could have used it!! That that option to prevent a very painful time had slipped away from me. Kingston was then 1.5 and I was already thinking of becoming a doula (birth support person). I immediately dove into finding out how it was done. Two weeks later I did my first encapsulation. Yes I was a bit squeamish but I've done thousands in the last 8 years and it doesn't bother me in the least. I was basically shouting it from the rooftops so everyone would know it was an option. I knew I could possibly get in trouble with Health Canada but I figured that was a bridge I would cross if and when it came. Most other women were doing it completely hush hush for fear of getting into trouble. I not only never got reprimanded, I contacted Health Canada myself. I certify in the safe handling of blood and bloodborne pathogens regularly for both my families safety and my clients peace of mind. The reasons as to why PE works so well is that the placenta is a hormone producing organ and when it leaves the body, so does the hormone. A couple days after birth when the adrenaline wears off moms go through a hormonal nose dive and often get emotional and cry for no apparent reason. Some women recover after a few days and some don't. Some women find nine months to a year later that their hormones are completely out of whack again and don't know why and just beat themselves up for being depressed at a time when they should be elated. Taking your placenta in pill form is a palatable way of basically weaning your body off that hormone while also getting B vitamins, amino acids and iron from the placenta. All very easily assimilated by the body because it's from the mothers body.  I now have 9 wonderful ladies across Canada and USA who contract for me and provide the service to women in their area as well. I have two great ladies in town who work for me when I get to busy or go away as well. I've been featured in Canadian Business magazine, The Calgary Herald, CTV Mornings, CTV News, CBC Radio, CBC News, Mike Bullard had me on his show and I've been on dozens of web pages. Again, I just don't post much about it because most of the friends on this page don't care to hear about placentas. Anyway if you actually read this far, thank you for your time and hopefully this has enlightened a few people who were wondering what the heck I do all day.

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