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I live in Calgary Alberta and am the mother of 2 amazing boys who inspire me everyday. I am passionate about natural therapies and remedies so when I heard about placenta encapsulation I was HOOKED! I immediately dove into finding and reading as much information as I possibly could, especially after hearing it could help prevent PPD which I had experienced with my first.

I made it my goal to normalize the use of your own placenta postpartum to help you have a better transition into motherhood, be it your first experience or not. I am thrilled to see that now not only are midwives recommending my service but so are MDs. Placenta encapsulation is being explained in child birth education classes and moms are recommending it to other moms on a regular basis.

I suffered from PPD after having my first son in 2008, it seemed like it never went away. I was so disappointed in myself that I couldn't just be HAPPY. I had a lot of difficulties with breastfeeding, something I thought would be totally natural and easy. Because of the stress, depression and pain it took a very long time to establish breastfeeding and produce a good amount of milk. It all just drove me even further into a funk, negatively impacting the important bonding process between my son and I.

With the birth of my second son in November of 2010 I was finally able to experience the benefits of taking my placenta in pill form. I am amazed at the energy levels I had after his birth. It was as if that lingering PPD was finally gone. Along with the amazing energy levels I experienced better milk supply, better sleep, better mood etc... I felt it positively affected the bonding process as well. Scientists claim that one of the possible reasons animals eat their placentas is to make them bond with their new young. Nothing is for certain when it comes to placenta use but the anecdotal information I've received is overwhelmingly positive! I still use my tincture to this day and absolutely love it.

 I attended the Birthing, Bonding and Breastfeeding conference in 2009 in Lethbridge, Alberta where I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Nils Bergman, the founder of Kangaroo Mother Care, speak as well as Barbara Harper RN, CD, CCE, Midwife and founder of Waterbirth International. I was also able to complete a Waterbirth Credentialing and Certification Workshop taught by Barbara.